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Tricks for AImesh Building Interiors

This tutorial will present examples of tricks for AImesh building interiors. It can be very difficult trying to fix the interior, with the outside walls in the way of not only the the view, but also being able to actually work. The frustrating part of the process is that one part that may look good when viewed and does not show up when error checking may not be welded and therefore causes an error that is hard to find.

One trick is to reduce the walls to the top of the doorways.   This makes it much easier to work with the walls and verify that everything is cleanly connected.

Delete the walls and then extrude the edges up to the top of the doorways.  Then cap the tops and triangulate.   The other thing is to leave the roof in as a separate part, leaving just the part the bots might walk on a map was set up to where the roof was accessible.    Just select the walk able part and extrude it down and triangulate.

Building interior AImesh trick.jpg

Now the picture below shows the barracks object in a side by side comparison.  The roof is much simplified and cleaned up.   Since this is a raised floor building, there is not need for walls.  Only the floor and stairs are needed.  The full building is on the right and the AImesh is on the left.

Barracks1 comparison.jpg