Since i had some time left i made you a quick tutorial which shows you how to do straight and advanced road markings for your map. You will need the latest version of the bf2 editor and any image editingsoftware like adobe photoshop.

Load up your map in the editor and select the road tool, now to make a perfect straight road marking you only have to place four spline points on the map, two start and two end points, the first two points dont connect a road between them. Roads always start at the second spline point!


As you can see in the image aboth i changed the fade distance from default to 0 at x and y axis, the result is that the texture is 100% printed on the ground without a fade. You can use this setting for industrial lines, manholes, parking lots and pedestrian crossings to get the best result ingame!


Thats how it looks with splines disabled in editor, now where we have the road markings how we want them you can save and close the edtor. Next we will edit the colormaps of the mapfolder becaue the splines usualy generate a colored line onto them, the following image describes itself:


Now when you finsished everything and saved the colormaps you can go and test the result ingame, here you got a ingame screenshot of how mine turned out:


And here some other examples of what you can easy do with those settings:




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