Credits: xstax981, clivewil, MasterChief

Here are some tips for porting objects to other mods;


You'll need to look at some or all of four key areas:

1. the vehicle itself, in its own folder in vehicles\air\

2. supporting weapons. in this case, possibly bombs. often these are stored in weapons\armament\missiles\ if they're not contained with the plane itself.

3. hud stuff. includes the vehicle icon and weapon icons, as well as the hud display on the windscreen

4. effects. most common is the wreck explosion, along with the wreck particles (the 'bits' that get blown off as the plane explodes - it's very common for a loose broken wing to be a wreck particle) - effects also include custom smoke trails and the like.

some of these elements you *must* port across, like the plane itself of course. others you might be able to get away with substitution, e.g. the plane will still work if it's using the vehicle icon for the vanilla F-18 instead of the B-52. and maybe you could use a different plane's hud?

study, compare, conduct tests. perseverance is the key - there *is* definitely a way of making it work. the first vehicle you mod is always a pain. but the next one will be much easier. (and there is almost always a next one)


I've seen loads of stuff lately about how to port other mod content to other mods. Most people think just port all the files. But there is an easier way that saves HD space, fast, very simple to do, and most of the time without any error.

Simply go to the mod you're trying to port content from, and go to the ClientArchives.con file. This is where you can do a lot of stuff. It should resemble something like this:

fileManager.mountArchive Objects

fileManager.mountArchive Common
fileManager.mountArchive Menu
fileManager.mountArchive Shaders
fileManager.mountArchive Fonts
fileManager.mountArchive mods/bf2/ Objects
fileManager.mountArchive mods/bf2/ Common
fileManager.mountArchive mods/bf2/ Menu

fileManager.mountArchive mods/bf2/ Fonts

Now, simply by redirecting the paths near the bottom (i.e. changing mods/bf2 to mods/somemod), you can effectively port textures from one mod, fonts from another, and objects from another. Just by changing the bf2 to something like aintent or something. Now you need to port the server stuff. Simply going to the ServerArchives.con file will allow you to port the objects from the files from another mod.

Basically do the same thing as above, except you'll see more junk at the top, that really doesn't affect anything.

Find an similar object

It is very helpful to find a similar object that is available with all the required files. These are objects, vehicles or weapons that are available to be added into a map or mod. They include all the required files and therefore, they are very useful as a guide to see what is required.

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