by BobtheDino

So I'll start with a simple tip on porting p4f weapons. 

1) Most of the p4f weapons are able to be opened and view with the bfmeshviewer tool, but importing them using the POE max tools often leads to errors. A simple work around that works most of the time, open the model in the meshviewer and then save as a new model with what ever name. this new save will screw up the format so if you reopen it in the meshviewer it will look broken, but don't worry if you import it using the POE tools most of the time all the pieces will be there. The next step is rearranging those pieces to fit an existing animation. 

2) However, sometimes there will be an issue were some pieces are completely lost in the save. I don't know why but the last solution for this is to use the modelviewer again and export as a format that are usable by the modeling software you are using. I use obj format because it seems to work well, as it keeps the UVs just fine (but it wont preserve the material or shader data, which you can just reset later). One issue with using the export function in the modelviewer is that it throws all of the LOD's into the same layer with the same position so selecting them to separate may become impossible. To avoid this before your use the export tool select each object in the LOD's and move them slightly with the vertex transformation tool. For example, I have 2 LODs in one model. the first I can leave alone since I only need to separate these two LOD's. For the second i open the "vertex transform" tool under the "tools" menu and select bone 0 first and then maybe make an offset of 2.0 and select move. then i do that for each other bone so that all the parts are offset and can be easily separated.

okay that was rather a simple tutorial/ tip but further tips and tutorials can be simple or involved and don't have to pertain specifically to p4f. Just don't post anything that has a direct link to non whitelisted content and we should all be fine. 

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