Classic Battlefield Modding Wikia

If you wanted to port BF Maps to other game engines, this is how I would do it using UE4 as an example.

  1. Set up the map for adding AI support using the standard process for adding AI to maps with the BF2 editor. A working Navmesh is not needed. Only the preopt and manifold files are required in the work\navmesh\[map name]\GTSdata\output folder.
  2. The Preopt.obj and manifold.obj files are standard obj file format and can easily be imported into most game editors or 3d modeling tools.
  3. The manifold.obj (shown below)is a mesh port of the heightmap (ground) and water in obj format. This can be easily imported into UE4 editor and most game editors. It can be used as the actual ground and water mesh or as a guide to recreate the heightmap in the new game engine.
  4. The Preopt.obj (show below) file can be imported into the game editor and used as a guide for object placement since the objects are blocked out.
Manifold wake2142.PNG
Preopt wake2142 UE4.PNG