How to Mount Custom Content in a Map

By ImTheHeadHunder

Got a map you want to put some custom objects, or skins into? Well here's an easy way to do it!

First, package your custom stuff into an "", or if you've got stuff that'd go into the common, or, make a common, or and put that stuff in those.

Then, make a "clientarchives.con", and "serverarchives.con", both with the line(/s) "fileManager.mountArchive Levels/(name-of-map)/( Objects(or Common, or Menu if needed)", and put these 2 .con files into the There ya go, now your map will have your custom stuff in it....

... But! My custom skins don't work! You'll have to add a custom texture suffix to the skin's name. So you'd have, for example, "ahe_ah1z_C_(name-of-suffix-goes-here).DDS". Then go to the init.con of the map, and find the 2 lines, "LevelSettings.CustomTextureSuffix "(name-of-suffix-goes-here)"", and "texturemanager.customTextureSuffix "(name-of-suffix-goes-here)"", and put your custom texture suffix in them. The reason you need to do this, is because textures loaded by the map will not override textures loaded by the mod.

...hey wait a min, shouldn't the be split up into a Objects_server, and Well, no, they don't need to be. I just find it's easier to package everything into 1 .zip file, instead of 2....and it does work this way.

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