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Exporting the AImesh in 3dsmax

by Dnamro

How to set up a Hierarchy/schematics for collison meshes in 3dsmax

This tutorial explains how to setup the Hierarchy/Schematic. The common term used in Battlefield modding is hierarchy. 3dsmax calls it a Schematic. Select the schematic button in the top right corner of the 3dsmax window as shown in the blow up image below. You may need to maximize the window to see it.


This is a schematic window example, shown below. It's hard to read like this. You can move view in and out using the middle mouse wheel.

Slide0022 image040.gif

For this tutorial, to make it easier to read, I moved the schematic so that it's ordered from top to bottom instead of left to right. It makes absolutely no difference in how it's used.

Slide0024 image043.gif

Take a look at the menu above the schematic window and make sure the highlighted tool is selected as show below:

Schem move tool.jpg

Tool Image 1

As you can see, it's organized into two outlines. The one on the left/top I will refer to as the first. This is the one with a top node that starts with root_static... The second/bottom outline that has the collision meshes (col0,col1, col2 and col3). 

Slide0024 image043.gif

This is where it gets a little complicated. You need to delete the nodes in the second the outline that are above the 'nonvis' node as highlighted below. Select each node and press the delete key.

Schematic selection del.jpg

Next select the connection tool as highlighted below:

Schem move tool.jpg

Connection tool image

Select the 'nonvis' node and move the mouse pointer to the last node on 'lod0' leg of the first outline. This will result in connecting the second outline to the first. See how there is now a line from the 'nonvis' node in white to the 'medieval..' node under the 'lod0' node.

Slide0026 image047.gif

We are done with the connection tool. Go back and select the regular pointer as in the tool selection 1 image. Now, select and double click the top 'root' node to go into edit mode. Highlight the text after root_staticmesh_ as shown below and copy it into memory (CTRL-C):

Slide0027 image049.gif

We are ready to clone a node to make the anchor. Select the 'nonvis' node. Go back to the main menu, select edit>> clone. Clone a copy of the node.

Slide0028 image051.gif

In the name field of the clone, paste the name we copied (CTRL-V) and add a double underscore and the word 'anchor' as show below:

Slide0029 image053.gif

Go back to the connection tool selection tool and connect the anchor node to the same node that we connected the nonvis node as show below:

Slide0030 image055.gif

That's it for the Schematic/Hierarchy. Close down the schematic window. The next step is to export the collision mesh. That is explained in another tutorial: