How to make weapon animations play faster in BF2.

Posted by ytres on  - Basic Animation

Ok, first, go to the AnimationSystem files for that weapon. These would be located at objects_server/weapons/handheld/(thegunyouaremodding)/

Open it up with Notepad, and at the top of the document, there's a list of the animations with a time value you can edit. This is the time it takes to play that animation. Change the value to what you want, or if there isn't a time value under that animation, just add the line animationManager.length # and change it to the value you want.


animationSystem.createAnimation Objects/Weapons/Handheld/AK47/Animations/1p/1p_AK47_reload.baf
animationManager.looping 0
animationManager.length 3.5


You must also edit any necessary sounds so they play at the same speed as the animation.

If you're editing a reload, make sure to change the line ObjectTemplate.ammo.reloadTime to your new reload time. (in the .tweak file of that weapon).

PM me if you somehow have problems.

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