Based on tutorial by XRAY

I'll show you how to make the hd menumap's like BF2 Map's menumap that looks like this:

Mini map.jpg

PROGRAMS NEEDED:[edit | edit source]

This tutorial assumes that you have already generated a final minimap, and added combat area(s) to your map with the BF2 editor.

  • First off, load your map in 1024x768 settings or another 4:3 (non-widescreen) format resolution. Spawn, and press "M" to bring up your minimap. Take a screenshot and close the game.
  • Load up your screenshot and cut out along the edges of the map, so you end up with a square (square, not rectangle) with your minimap with the ingame red bars.
  • Now, load up the file "Loadmap.psd" and paste in the cut-out map you just generated on a new layer. Put that layer lowest. Now, unlock the "Red bars"-layer, and set it to about 50% opacity. 
  • Use a selection tool (i prefer the lasso tool or magnetic lasso) and on the cut-out map, you select the area with no stripes. Select the Red bars layer, and press delete. 
  • Now, you should have a good-looking hole in the red stripes that matches the map.Its time to add the real minimap. Start by resizing it to 1024x1024, and place it on both layers named: "Paste your 1024x1024 minimap to this layer". Make the top one invisible. The bottom one should now fit with the hole in the bars.
  • Now open up the "Icons.psd"-file. Copy each layer needed onto your loadmap, and place them where they are supposed to be.
  • To generate the little map in the bottom-right corner, set the upper minimap you made invisible to 16% of its original size (1024x1024) and place it via transform tools at 904 px from top and left.You're all set. 
  • Save your loadmap as dds or png and put it in your maps info folder.

NOTE: All files must have a png ending, even if they are dds.

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