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AI for destructable bridges  

Here's an example, using the wood bridge. in

the tweak file it has:

ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate wood_bridge
ObjectTemplate.usedByAi 1
ObjectTemplate.initiallyWalkable 1
ObjectTemplate.minCorner -5.302/-1.163/-2.094
ObjectTemplate.maxCorner 5.302/1.163/2.094

which gives it an aiTemplate to use, and also defines the area which is affected. notice the the ObjectTemplate.initiallyWalkable 1, if it was a destructible fence, it would be set to 0.

the aiTemplate itself contains:

rem *** Plugins ***
aiTemplatePlugIn.create Physical wood_bridgePhysical
aiTemplatePlugIn.setStrType HeavyArmour

rem *** AITemplate ***
aiTemplate.create wood_bridge
aiTemplate.addType ITStructure
aiTemplate.degeneration 50
aiTemplate.allowedTimeDiff 2
aiTemplate.basicTemp 5
aiTemplate.commonKnowledge 1
aiTemplate.addPlugIn wood_bridgePhysical

this stuff should easily be adaptable to the dam bridge segment, the hardest part will be defining the destructible area. a simple way might be to open it in the editor and add 2 decals as children, then move them to the correct spots and note the coordinates, then remove them and update the bridge tweak file