In the BF2Editor and In-game, you may come across this issue where the camera clips through the weapon when you 'enter' a handheld weapon etc.

Handweapon 1p clipping.jpg

(BF2 Editor Fix)

To fix this: 1. Navigate to Program Files (x86)/EA Games/Battlefield 2/bf2editor/settings (and in Default folder), open both EngineInit.con with Notepad. 2. Add this code below, then save:

renderer.tweaknearplane1p 0.04

3. Set EngineInit.con to read-only to prevent the BF2Editor from reverting the change.

This will set the values to v1.50 ones instead of v1.30 (BF2Editor version) and therefore make it match ingame.

You can also modify the renderer.tweaknearplane1p values on the bottom-right corner via ConsoleUI Command to tweak with whatever values to test what they do. 

For In-Game:

Add to gamelogicinit.con

rem another tweak for the Refractor, reduces flickering 1P faces

renderer.tweakfarplane1p 10000001
  renderer.tweaknearplane 0.08
  renderer.tweaknearplane1p 0.04
  rem lightManager tweaks 
  lightManager.maxLightsPerBundledMesh 6
  rem even more tweaking

objectdrawer.collectplanesdistance 130

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