Note: Maya 7 is used in this example, but newer versions may be used and the settings should be similar to those listed here. The Navmesh uses the standard wavefront.obj format.

Go to File -> Export All Options Box 







Now make sure all your settings are identical to these below ->



Just make sure that File Type is OBJexport and only 'Groups' and 'Materials' is selected.

Click on the 'Export All' button. Now export it back to its original location -> 

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\NavMesh\work\Mashtuur_City\GTSData\output 

Overwrite the original infantry.obj. 

There! An edited Infantry navmesh ready for the game. Guess what you have to do now...

That's right - start a new Maya scene and import the vehicle.obj 


  1. Check for islands and delete or attach them
  2. Check for unmeshed areas that you could add navmesh to.
  3. Export it to the above location except to obviously overwrite the vehicle.obj instead. 

Once you are sure you have a vehicle and infantry navmesh that only contain one island and cover all the parts of the level you want them to, it's time to get it in the game and test it.

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