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Unpack from the BF2 mod Project Reality the files needed. If needed search in server and client ".zip" archives and find the folders "kits".In these folders. Find the "ru" folders from both(client and server) archives.In these folders should be the kits textures, ".con" files and ".skinnedmesh" files.These folder we put in the 3dsmax folder - "scenes/objects/kits". Now is need to import the kits meshes of the Project Reality Russian Army.There is meshes of the RPG-26 Agleni.We importing only meshes without soldier skeleton."BF2->BF2 Utilities->Mesh Importer->scenes/objects/kits/ru/ru_kits.con" (screenshot 18)

Ascreenshot 18.png

and find something similar with the tube. (screenshot 19)

Ascreenshot 19.png

Is most simply to do that through window "Select Objects".With selecting and move method we find our russian AT-soldier's kit. (screenshot 20)

Ascreenshot 20.png

We move our selected geom and look at it, and then we can move backward selected geom with "Redo" in "Edit" options from 3dsmax toolbar. AT-soldier kit is the "geom5".In the "Select Objects" window we selecting all geoms without "geom5" and this lods and meshes and deleting their.Is remainig only our "geom5". (screenshot 21)

Ascreenshot 21.png

Geoms from mod Project Reality have 3 lods("lod0","lod1" and "lod2").We need the first two lods("lod0" and "lod1").They are more qualitative.We delete "lod2" with its meshes - "1" and "ru_kits__SimpleObject", then in "Select Objects" window we select the "lod1" with its meshes(1,2,3,4,5 and "ru_kits__SimpleObject"), the rest we hide using the menu "RMB Menu"(Hide Unselected).We delete all meshes which do not belong to RPG-26 Agleni(the flask, the helmet and pouches), then we select the "ru_kits__SimpleObject" mesh, and in "Right column" under "Edit Geometry" click on "Attach List" in which we attach all meshes into one mesh. (screenshot 22)

Ascreenshot 22.png

We switch "Editable Mesh" in the "Vertex" mode, and delete all what does not concern of the RPG-tube and its strap. (screenshot 23)

Ascreenshot 23.png

With mouse in the "Editing Window" we select and delete(Delete/Del hotkey) all vertexes.Then we hide the "lod0" with its meshes whith "RMB Menu".We make visibile the "lod1" with its meshes and repeat the same operation what have you done with "lod0" and its meshes. (screenshot 24)

Ascreenshot 24.png

Delete all what we dont need in the RPG meshes, and make one object with "Attach List". In the "Select Objects" window select the first mesh "ru_kits__SimpleObject" of "lod0". In the "Right Column" under "Name and Color" we can see the name of selected mesh(if is selected option "Create"). (screenshot 25)

Ascreenshot 25.png

or in the small window on the top of "Right Column"(if is selected options Modify,Hierarchy,Motion,Display,Utilities) (screenshot 26)

Screenshot 26.png

Rename selected mesh in "ru_kits__SimpleObject_lod0", then we rename the second mesh in "ru_kits__SimpleObject_lod1". (screenshot 27)

Ascreenshot 27.png

Save the work(File->Save As...) in ".max" format.For example - tutor rpg26.max.

Editing the Soldiers Kit - SkinnedMesh - Part 4