How to create a destroyable object in the Editor

NOTE !! If the object is not a vehicle or any other controllable object (PlayerControlObject) then it must be of the DestroyableObject type.  This is already set in Maya.

1. Make sure the object is a DestroyableObject, set in Maya

2. Open the object in the editor

3. Open the default tab in the Tweaker och click “IsDestructible”

4. Open the default tab and click in the box next to “NetworkableInfo”. Select “BasicInfo”. This gives the object a network component so that it can be viewed by clients.


5. Right-click on any of the tabs to bring up a list of components. (Comes in the form of a pop-up.) Select "Armor Component" from that list. Note that a new tab is then created, so called.

6. Open your new tab. "Armor Component". Here it is stated that the object has hit points, which materials are used to register damage from explosions and some other things that do not matter at this time.

7. Fill in the values ​​in the top three fields so that WreckHitpoints and / or HitPoints do not exceed MaxHitPoints. (If any of them do that it will be an error. In the best of worlds this would be right in the default setting. But now it is like this. Fill in for example 500. A tank has about 2000 HP in).

8. Click in the box next to "DefaultMaterial" and select "Blast_sensitivity_softobject" from the list. This indicates which damage modifier should apply to explosion damage. An extremely robust object can have "hard_object" as a material, but it should then be in class with a tank.

9. Click in the box "CanBeRepairedAndDestroyed" if the object can be repaired with an engineer.

10. Click in the box ”CanBeDestroyed”.

11. Clear!

Bf2 editor 3a.jpg
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