Classic Battlefield Modding Wikia
COMMAND Description
Global.OnNew New in active plugin
Global.OnLoad Load in active plugin
Global.OnSave Save in active plugin
Global.OnSaveAll Save in all plugins
Global.OnImport Import in active plugin
Global.OnUndo Undo
Global.OnCut Cut
Global.OnCopy Copy
Global.OnPaste Paste
Global.TogglePauseRenderer Toggles pause
Global.RenderNextFrame Renders next frame (when in pause)
Global.ToggleFocus Toggles input focus between Editor- and EngineFocus
Global.SubMode1 Activates submode 1 in plugin
Global.SubMode2 Activates submode 2 in plugin
Global.SubMode3 Activates submode 3 in plugin
Global.SubMode4 Activates submode 4 in plugin
Global.SubMode5 Activates submode 5 in plugin
Global.SubMode6 Activates submode 6 in plugin
Global.SubMode7 Activates submode 7 in plugin
Global.SubMode8 Activates submode 8 in plugin
Global.SubMode9 Activates submode 9 in plugin
View.OnToggleResource Toggles visiblity for Resource window
View.OnToggleTweaker Toggles visiblity for Tweaker
View.OnToggleOutput Toggles visiblity for Output window
View.OnToggleTimeLine Toggles visiblity for Timeline window
View.OnToggleEditor Toggles visiblity for Editor window
View.OnToggleToolbar Toggles visiblity for main toolbar
Addin.SelectTerrainEditor Activate TerrainEditor
Addin.SelectLevelEditor Activate LevelEditor
Addin.SelectObjectEditor Activate ObjectEditor
Addin.SelectAnimationEditor Activate AnimationEditor
Tools.ShowAddinManager Shows add-in manager
Tools.ShowShortcutManager Shows shortcut manager
Tools.ShowControlMapManager Shows controlmap manager
Tools.ListAllShortcuts Lists all shortcuts in output window
Tools.ShowOptions Shows the options dialog
Tools.FlushUndoManager Shows the content of the UndoManager [debug]
Layer.OnNewLayer Creates a new layer
Layer.OnAddToLayer Add selected object(s) to active layer
Layer.OnRemoveFromLayer Remove selected object(s) to default layer
Layer.OnSelectAllInLayer Selects object(s) in layer
Layer.OnDelete Delets active layer and moves object(s) to default layer
Layer.OnLockLayer Locks/Unlocks the layer
Camera.OnNormalMode Normal freecamera mode
Camera.OnTopDownMode Top-down camera
Camera.OnSnapToTerrain Normal freecamera that snaps to terrain
Camera.OnSoldierMode Moves camera to a soldier
RenderMenu.GridMode Terrain is drawn as grid
RenderMenu.TextureMode Terrain is drawn with texture
RenderMenu.GridWithTextureMode Terrain is drawn with texture and grid
RenderMenu.DetailTextureMode Terrain is draw with detail texture
Movement.ResetSpeed Camera speed is reset to 100 %
Movement.IncreaseSpeed Camera speed is increased
Movement.DecreaseSpeed Camera speed is decreased
Movement.ResetPosition Position is reset to 0,0,0 (should be default position of layer)
Movement.SetPosition Set camera position to user defined values
ResourceTree.OnLoadResource Show load resource dialog
OutputWindow.ClearWindow Clears the output window
AnimationEditor.OnAnimationMode Enter normal animation mode
AnimationEditor.OnTestMode Enter test mode with terrain
AnimationEditor.On1p Enter first person mode
AnimationEditor.On3p Enter third person mode
AnimationEditor.OnToggleCameraMode Toggles between 1p and 3p
AnimationEditor.OnSelectViewMode1 Activate first view mode in list
AnimationEditor.OnSelectViewMode2 Activate second view mode in list
AnimationEditor.OnSelectViewMode3 Activate third view mode in list
AnimationEditor.OnSelectViewMode4 Activate fourth view mode in list
AnimationEditor.OnSelectViewMode5 Activate fifth view mode in list
AnimationEditor.OnSelectViewMode6 Activate sixth view mode in list
AnimationEditor.ZoomToSoldier Zooms to soldier
AnimationEditor.RemoveWeapon Drop active weapon
AnimationEditor.Refresh Recreate soldier using avaible settings
Backup.OnBackup Performs a backup of level
ConsoleUI.SetConsoleUIFocus Gives the console focus
ConsoleUI.ExecuteCommand Executes the console command
ConsoleUI.ClearAll Clears the console
Import.ImportAll Imports all object meshes
LevelEditor.ToggleSelect Activates selection mode
LevelEditor.ToggleMove Activates move mode
LevelEditor.ToggleRotate Activates rotate mode
LevelEditor.ToggleScale Activates scale mode
LevelEditor.TogglePaint Activates paint brush mode
LevelEditor.ToggleSpline Activates spline mode
LevelEditor.DefineLevelBrush Creates a new brush from selected object(s)
LevelEditor.LastOffsetCopy Copies the 2 selected objects to clipboard for a offset copy
ObjectEditor.ToggleFocusMode Activate focus (normal) mode
ObjectEditor.TogglePhysicsMode Turns physics on
ObjectEditor.ToggleFreeCamera Activates free camera mode
ObjectEditor.ToggleInputFocus Gives input focus to active object
ObjectEditor.ToggleEnterVehicle Enter active object
Perforce.Sync Sync to head revision
Perforce.Submit Submits the BF2Content changelist
Perforce.OpenForEdit Opens active level for edit
Perforce.AddFiles Check active level if any files need to be added to perforce
TerrainEditor.ResetMarker Resets the marker to position in front of camera
TerrainEditor.ConnectRoad Creates road on active spline
TerrainEditor.DisconnectRoad Removes the active road
TerrainEditor.CreateRoadTemplate Create a new road template
TerrainEditor.RefreshRoads Refreshes all roads
TerrainEditor.SetModify Activate modify terrain mode
TerrainEditor.SetLevel Activate level terrain mode
TerrainEditor.SetSmooth Activate smooth terrain mode
TerrainEditor.SetPlatform Activate platform terrain mode
TerrainEditor.SetRandom Activate random terrain mode
TerrainEditor.SetRoad Activate road creation mode
TerrainEditor.SetTexture Activate detail texture paint mode
TerrainEditor.UndoModifyTerrain Undos the latest terrain modification
ObjectTemplate.Geom0 1st person geometry
ObjectTemplate.Geom1 3rd person geometry
ObjectTemplate.Geom2 Wreck
ObjectTemplate.SaveInSeparateFile The root object in the hierarchy should have this checked.
ObjectTemplate.CreateNotInGrid Keep unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.CreateInvisible Keep unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.CreateVisibleInEditor Keep unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.IsNotSavable Keep unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.TemplateHasBeenUsed Check this one.
ObjectTemplate.PreCacheObject Keep unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.CreatedInEditor Should be checked if object or part does not have a visible mesh.
ObjectTemplate.IsDestructable Check only if object is destroyable static object.
ObjectTemplate.CastsDynamicShadow Check for vehicles.
ObjectTemplate.HasRelativeOffset Check for cockpit parts if you want to reposition them.
ObjectTemplate.CullradiusScale Is normally set to 1.
ObjectTemplate.Creator Last person to save the tweaks file.
ObjectTemplate.NetworkableInfo For moving parts that need to be synced over network. "Basic info" for rotational bundles. "Spring info" for wheels.
ObjectTemplate.Geometry The name of the object or part.
ObjectTemplate.GeometryPart The ID number of the object part.
ObjectTemplate.CollisionPart The ID number of the object part.
ObjectTemplate.AiTemplate What Ai to use for this object.
ObjectTemplate.HandleCollisionSpeed Set to 1.
ObjectTemplate.Anchor Normally 0/0/0
ObjectTemplate.RelativePositionOffset If a part has the HasRelativeOffset flag checked, this its is offset coordinates.
ObjectTemplate.MapMaterials Normally left blank.
ObjectTemplate.HasMobilePhysics Check for objects and parts that can move.
ObjectTemplate.HasCollisionPhysics Check for all objects that has a collision mesh.
ObjectTemplate.CollisionGroups Leave blank.
ObjectTemplate.PhysicsType "None" if no collision.

"Point" if projectile.
"Mesh" if object has collision mesh.

ObjectTemplate.PhysicsFrequency Should be 0.
ObjectTemplate.Drag How much the drag from the body of a vehicle affects its speed. Without it, a vehicle will have an infinite top speed.
ObjectTemplate.DragOffset If you like to offset the drag from the center of the object for some reason.
ObjectTemplate.DragModifier If you want different drag for the x, y or z axis of the object. Normally just 1/1/1.
ObjectTemplate.Mass The objects wheight in kilograms.
ObjectTemplate.CenterOfMassOffset If you want to offset the center of mass for some reason. X, Y, Z.
ObjectTemplate.InertiaModifier Normally 1/1/1
ObjectTemplate.GravityModifier A multiplier deciding the "fall" characteristics of the object.
ObjectTemplate.IsSleeping Leave unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvTranslation [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvTranslationSize [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvTranslationMax [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvTranslationIndex [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvTranslationReverse [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvRotation [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvRotationIndex [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvRotationScale [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvRotationRadius [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AnimatedUvRotationReverse [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.RotateAsAnimatedUv [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.RotateAsAnimatedUvObject [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.RotateAsAnimatedUvReverse [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.Grip Set only for wheels.

- Roll grip for wheels that are not powered.
- Engine grip for wheels that are powered.
- Engine dummy grip for wheel you want to make looking like they are powered, but actually arn't.

ObjectTemplate.EngineType What kind of vehicle the engine is for. Car, tank, plane ship or helicopter.
ObjectTemplate.Torque The power of the engine. The value is in relation to the differential. Dont enter higher values than 5000.
ObjectTemplate.Differential The length of the "gearbox". The value is in relation to the torque. A long gearbox will result in higher top speed.
ObjectTemplate.NumberOfGears Number of gears in the gearbox.
ObjectTemplate.GearUp Time it takes to shift one gear up.
ObjectTemplate.GearDown Time it takes to shift one gear down.
ObjectTemplate.GearChangeTime [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.NoPropellerEffectAtSpeed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.HeatIncrement [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.CoolingFactor [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.InverseHeatBar [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.PropRotAxis For engines with a visible rotor, this is the axis it will rotate around.
ObjectTemplate.Accumulate [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.PureRotational [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.HorizontalSpeedMagnifier Multiplier for the vehicles horizontal speed.
ObjectTemplate.DefaultAngleOfAttack For helicopter main engines. Set to value that enables the vehicle to hover.
ObjectTemplate.MaxAngleOfAttack For helicopter main engine. What angle of the rotor gives that results in max forward speed.
ObjectTemplate.AttackSpeed For helicopter main engine. How fast the tilting of the rotor occurs when given input.
ObjectTemplate.HorizonDampAngle For helicopter main engine. The maximum angle at which the vehicle strives to reach upright position.
ObjectTemplate.HorizontalDampAngleFactor For helicopter main engine. How strong the damping effect is.
ObjectTemplate.ConstantRpm [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.SpinWhenNoEngineInAir [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DampHorizontalVelFactor For helicopter main engine. At what speed in m/s the helicopter strives to reach zero speed on its own. This only kicks in while deccelerating.
ObjectTemplate.DecreaseAngleToZero For helicopter main engine. Helps remaining still on the ground.
ObjectTemplate.DecreaseAngleToZeroVerticalVel For helicopter main engine. Helps remaining still on the ground.
ObjectTemplate.DecreaseAngleToZeroSpeed For helicopter main engine. Helps remaining still on the ground.
ObjectTemplate.AirFlowEffect For helicopter tail engine. 0 is "off", 1 is "on". When on it will prohibit the tailengine from turning the aircraft at full speed forward.
ObjectTemplate.NoEffectAtPerpSpeed Normally 10000
ObjectTemplate.RemoteEngineInput [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.Strength Hardness of the spring. Set this value so that the hub of the wheel lines up with the axle.
ObjectTemplate.Damping Damping strength of the spring. Adjust until it looks good.
ObjectTemplate.FixAxisSpring Fix the axis to up-down movement only.
ObjectTemplate.Material Leave blank
ObjectTemplate.IsPortalPassing Leave blank
ObjectTemplate.IsPortalPosition Leave blank
ObjectTemplate.ProjectileTemplate Create a new projectile or browse to use an existing one.
ObjectTemplate.Velocity Muzzle velocity in meters per second.
ObjectTemplate.WeaponType Set to 0.
ObjectTemplate.ItemIndex Set this number to correspond to the number key with which the weapon should be selected.
ObjectTemplate.ItemType Set to 0.
ObjectTemplate.HeatAddWhenFire How much heat to add per shot fired. (Cumulative. When meter reaches 1 weapon overheats.)
ObjectTemplate.CoolDownPerSec How much heat to deduct per sec when weapon is not fired.
ObjectTemplate.OverHeatPenalty Penalty value added to overheatvalue if weapon ever reaches 1.
ObjectTemplate.HideFirstPerson Leave blank.
ObjectTemplate.DelayToUse A dealy in seconds before the weapon can be fired after it's been selected.
ObjectTemplate.IsSelectable Uncheck if you dont want the weapon to be selectable with the number keys.
ObjectTemplate.MinRotation X, Y, Z axis negative rotation constraint. This should always be a negative value. No value results in 360 degree rotation.
ObjectTemplate.MaxRotation X, Y, Z axis positive rotation constraint. This should always be a negative value. No value results in 360 degree rotation.
ObjectTemplate.PivotPosition For cameras. Offsets the rotational point in X, Y, Z. In meters.
ObjectTemplate.MaxSpeed Max rotational speed, in units. There will be no rotation without this.
ObjectTemplate.Acceleration Acceleration time to maximum speed, in units. There will be no rotation without this.
ObjectTemplate.DeAcceleration Negative acceleration option. If you want different decceleration speed than acceleration speed.
ObjectTemplate.InputToYaw What control will influence the yaw axis.
ObjectTemplate.InputToPitch What control will influence the pitch axis.
ObjectTemplate.InputToRoll What control will influence the pitch axis.
ObjectTemplate.AutomaticReset Check if the rotation should return to 0 after input stops. (Airplane flaps use this.)
ObjectTemplate.UseDeAcceleration Check if deacceleration is to be used.
ObjectTemplate.RememberExcessInput [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.LesserYasAtSpeed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AutomaticYawStabilization Check to stabilize rotation in relation to parent rotational bundle.
ObjectTemplate.AutomaticPitchStabilization Check to stabilize rotation in relation to parent rotational bundle.
ObjectTemplate.StartAutoRotateOnEnter Check if you want constant rotation.
ObjectTemplate.DebugAutoRotate Check to test rotate the part in the editor.
ObjectTemplate.HasOnTimeEffect [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.TimeToLive Y is the time in seconds this projectile will exist. Also used as time for grenades.
ObjectTemplate.Invisible Normally unchecked
ObjectTemplate.MinDamage Multiplier to set the minimum damage the projectile can cause due to distance degration.
ObjectTemplate.Damage The damage caused to impacted target in points.
ObjectTemplate.DistToStartLoseDamage Distance in meters to start deducting from the damage caused.
ObjectTemplate.DistToMinDamage Distance in meters till the minimum damage level is reached.
ObjectTemplate.DamageOwner Projectile wont hurt the firer or firer vehicle.
ObjectTemplate.TimeToRemoveTK Normally unchecked
ObjectTemplate.AddToProjectileList Normally unchecked
ObjectTemplate.TracerTemplate Name of tracer effect to use.
ObjectTemplate.TracerInterval Set one for tracer on every shot, 2 for every other and so on.
ObjectTemplate.TracerScaler How long the tracer effect will be as default.
ObjectTemplate.MaxTracerScaler How long the tracer effect can be depending on projectile speed.
ObjectTemplate.TracerSizeModifier How fat the tracer will be.
ObjectTemplate.TracerConvergenceDistance At what distance the tracers (which start from the gunbarrel) and the projectile, which start from the camera, converges. Only relevan if FireInCameraDof is checked.
ObjectTemplate.ArmingDelay Time in seconds till projectile can detonate after being fired.
ObjectTemplate.StartDelay Time in seconds until the engine of the projectile is ignited after firing.
ObjectTemplate.Acceleration [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.MaxSpeed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.UseProjectileCamera Check if you want a camera to travel with the projectile.
ObjectTemplate.HasCollisionEffect Will play effect when colliding with object. For grenades.
ObjectTemplate.DieAfterColl Projectile will dissapear after coolision.
ObjectTemplate.DieAtObjectHit [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DetonateOnWaterCollision Dont know if this works.
ObjectTemplate.Bouncing Projectile has bouncing properties. (Handgrenades.)
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionMaterial The damage material this explosion sends out.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionRadius The radius in meters the explosion damage travels.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionYMod Multplier for the Y-axis on the damage radius.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionForce Physics force applied to objects in explosions damage radius. Fades linearly from explosion center.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionDamage Damage in points at the explosion ground zero.
ObjectTemplate.DetonateDistanceToTarget Projectile will detonate when a target enters this radius.
ObjectTemplate.MinDetonationSpeed Minimum speed for a detonation to occur.
ObjectTemplate.EndEffectTemplate Normally checked
ObjectTemplate.UseMMOnEndEffect Normally checked
ObjectTemplate.InvisibleAtEndEffect Remove projectile geometry after detonation. Normally checked.
ObjectTemplate.StopAtEndEffect Normally checked.
ObjectTemplate.NeverPenetrate Check if projectile should not penetrate, but always detonate on impact.
ObjectTemplate.RoundPerMinute How fast the weapon can be fired.

Value must be a factor of 1800.

ObjectTemplate.FireStartDelay Time in seconds from when you pull a trigger to when the projectile is actually fired.
ObjectTemplate.FireLaunchDelay Time in seconds from when you pull a trigger to when the projectile is actually fired.
ObjectTemplate.ProjectileStartPosition X, Y, Z of the origin of the projectile from the center of the firearm.
ObjectTemplate.FireInput What key will be used to fire the weapon. PIFire for primary fire. PIAltFire for secondary fire.
ObjectTemplate.HideWeaponAfterFiringDelay In seconds. If you want the 1st person weapon to dissapear after firing.
ObjectTemplate.DropWeaponAfterFiringDelay In seconds. If you want a weapon model to be thrown to the ground after firing.
ObjectTemplate.ShowWeaponAfterReloadDelay In seconds. How long after the initiation of the reload animation you want the weapon to reappear in the players hands.
ObjectTemplate.DropWeaponAfterReloadDelay In seconds. If you want a weapon model to be thrown to the ground after reloading is initiated.
ObjectTemplate.HideWeaponAfterReloadDelay In seconds. If you want the weapon model to be hidden after reloading is initiated.
ObjectTemplate.FireCameraInDof Use for hand fire arms. Fire the projectile from the center of the crosshair as opposed to the center of the weapon model.
ObjectTemplate.BatchSize Set to one.
ObjectTemplate.UseDummyProjectiles Check this one to get a visible projectile dummy. Like a bomb hanging under a plane.
ObjectTemplate.AutoReload Check if weapon should autoreload itself after the magazine is spent.
ObjectTemplate.AmmoType Normally 1
ObjectTemplate.MagSize Number of shots in one magazine.
ObjectTemplate.NrOfMags Number of magazines in soldier or vehicle inventory when fully loaded.
ObjectTemplate.ReloadAmount Normally 0.
ObjectTemplate.ReloadTime In seconds. How long after loading sequence is initiated before the weapon can be fired again. Should be synced with reload animation.
ObjectTemplate.FirstShotExtraTime For weapons that are loaded shot-by-shot. Used for adding time to first shot reload animation which is normally longer.
ObjectTemplate.ChangeMagAt Normally 0.
ObjectTemplate.MagLinkWeapon If two weapon systems on the same vehicle should draw ammo from the same magazine. Type the "linked" weapon name here.
ObjectTemplate.MinimumTimeUntilReload [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.TurnDevAddPitch Deviation added to projectiles fired while moving the weapon up and down.
ObjectTemplate.TurnDevAddYaw Deviation added to projectiles fired while moving the weapon right and left.
ObjectTemplate.TurnDevSub Deviation subtracted per second from the turn deviation when not turning.
ObjectTemplate.TurnDevMax Maximum deviation that can be caused by turning.
ObjectTemplate.SpeedDevAddForward Deviation added to projectiles fired while moving forwards or backwards.
ObjectTemplate.SpeedDevAddStrafe Deviation added to projectiles fired while strafing sideways.
ObjectTemplate.SpeedDevSub Deviation subtracted per second from the speed deviation when not moving.
ObjectTemplate.SpeedDevMax Maximum deviation that can be caused by moving.
ObjectTemplate.MiscDevAddJump Deviation added to projectiles fired while jumping.
ObjectTemplate.MiscDevSub Deviation subtracted per second from the misc deviation when not jumping.
ObjectTemplate.MiscDevMax Maximum deviation that can be caused by jumping.
ObjectTemplate.DevModStand Multiplier for all deviation values while standing up and shooting.
ObjectTemplate.DevModCrouch Multiplier for all deviation values while standing up and shooting.
ObjectTemplate.DevModLie Multiplier for all deviation values while standing up and shooting.
ObjectTemplate.DevModZoom Multiplier for all deviation values while standing up and shooting.
ObjectTemplate.FireDevAdd Deviation added to weapon after a projectile is fired. (That causes the next shot to deviate more.)
ObjectTemplate.FireDevSub Deviation subtracted from weapon as long as it is not fired.
ObjectTemplate.FireDevMax Maximum deviation that can be caused by firing..
ObjectTemplate.MinDev Minimum deviation for the weapon. Deviation can never become less than this.
ObjectTemplate.SubProjectileDev For projectiles that fires clusters of shots. This is the deviation of the projectiles within the cluster.
ObjectTemplate.MinDev Minimum deviation for the weapon. Deviation can never become less than this.
ObjectTemplate.FireDevMax Maximum deviation that can be caused by firing..
ObjectTemplate.FireDevAdd Deviation added to weapon after a projectile is fired. (That causes the next shot to deviate more.)
ObjectTemplate.FireDevSub Deviation subtracted from weapon as long as it is not fired.
ObjectTemplate.ZoomDelay How long in seconds it takes to zoom in.
ObjectTemplate.ZoomInput Key that triggers zoom. Normally PIAltFire.
ObjectTemplate.ZoomLod What lod to use when zoomed in. A weapon with a special zoom geometry should use lod 1. Otherwise, set to 0.
ObjectTemplate.ChangeFovInstant Check if you do not want a smooth transition to the zoomed fied of view, but a straight cut instead.
ObjectTemplate.HasRecoilForce Check if weapon is supposed to have a recoil kick.
ObjectTemplate.ZoomModifier Set to 1 if recoil should be turned off when zoomed in.
ObjectTemplate.AnimateOnZoom Normally check this one. It says that there is an animation played when the weapon zooms in and out.
ObjectTemplate.GuiIndex Put a number here to call a crosshair to be used with this weapon in zoomed out mode.
ObjectTemplate.AltGuiIndex Put a number here to call a crosshair to be used with this weapon in zoomed in mode.
ObjectTemplate.HudName What name will be displayed in the HUD when using the weapon.
ObjectTemplate.EnableMouse Normally unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.CrosshairIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.CrosshairIconSize Normally set to 32
ObjectTemplate.AltCrosshairIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.ClipIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.AmmoIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.AmmoBarFrontIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.AmmoBarBackIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.WeaponIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.HasMag Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.ShowAmmo Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.ShowClips Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.HasFireRate Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.HasRangeFinder Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.SwitchGuiOnCamera Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.DeviationFactor Multiplier of how much deviation will be shown in the hud compared to how much deviation there really is.
ObjectTemplate.MaxVisualDeviation Upper limit for how much deviation can be show in the hud for this weapon regardless of actual deviation..
ObjectTemplate.MinVisualDeviation Lower limit for how much deviation can be show in the hud for this weapon regardless of actual deviation.
ObjectTemplate.EnablePostProcessing A number that calls on a certain rendering mode to be used for this weapon.
ObjectTemplate.TargetObjectTemplate What kind of targeting system to use. Wireguided, laserguided or heatseeking.
ObjectTemplate.SetTargetAtMaxDistance Check if you want no upper limit on guidance.
ObjectTemplate.TargetSystem [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.UpdateInterval In seconds. How often the game updates the target information. 0 would make it update every frame.
ObjectTemplate.ConnectionEffect Name of bundle to turn on when a wire guidd missile is fired. And to turn of when contact with the missile is lost.
ObjectTemplate.SeatAnimationSystem Path and name of animation system to be used in this position.
ObjectTemplate.SeatParent The parent PlayerControlObject of this position. (The name of the root object if this is the pilot.)
ObjectTemplate.SeatPosition X, Y, Z position of the seat of the player in relation to the player control object.
ObjectTemplate.SeatRotation X, Y, Z rotation of the seat of the player in relation to the player control object.
ObjectTemplate.HasRestrictedExit Normally unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.AltSoldierExitPosition Normally 0/0/0
ObjectTemplate.ExitSpeedMod Normally 1.
ObjectTemplate.DisableSpawnPointsOnEnter Normally unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.DontClearTeamOnExit Normally unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.DestroyOnExit Normally unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.DamageForBeingOutSideWorld Normally 999999
ObjectTemplate.VehicleCameraShake Normally blank
ObjectTemplate.VehicleFov Normally 0
ObjectTemplate.SoldierExitPosition X, Y, Z position of soldier in relation to player control object on exiting vehicle.
ObjectTemplate.SoldierExitRotation X, Y, Z rotation of soldier in relation to player control object on exiting vehicle.
ObjectTemplate.ToggleWeapon Check only if there is is no weapon in zoomed out view.
ObjectTemplate.CockpitLod What lod to display when entered in this position.
ObjectTemplate.CockpiSubGeom Normally 0.
ObjectTemplate.SoundFilter What sound filtering to use for pre-recorded radio messages when in this vehicle.
ObjectTemplate.RegWhenMinInput Normally 1.
ObjectTemplate.RegulateYaw This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.RegulatePitch This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.RegulateRoll This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.RegulateYawInput This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.RegulatePitchInput This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.RegulateRollInput This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.RegulateVerticalPos This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.RegulateVerticalPosInput This value is used to have a rotational bundle counter or enhance input on the given axis. I. e. to create an stabilizer for the main gunbarrel on a tank.
ObjectTemplate.MaxVertRegAngle Up to which angle from the upright position the vertical angle stabilizer is effective.
ObjectTemplate.NoVertRegAngle Angle at which the vertical stabilizer is longer doing anything.
ObjectTemplate.ShakeFactor Multiplier for the camera shake.
ObjectTemplate.SprintRecoverTime The time it takes in seconds from when you have sprinted to when you can sprint again.
ObjectTemplate.SprintDissipationTime The time it takes in seconds to deplete the sprintbar.
ObjectTemplate.SprintLimit How many percent of the sprintbar must be reloaded before you can sprint again.
ObjectTemplate.SprintFactor Mutliplies the engine output when sprinting by this factor.
ObjectTemplate.SpecialToggleWeaponInput They key you use to toggle weapons when the "weapon is selectable" switch is turned off.
ObjectTemplate.GuiIndex Normally 0.
ObjectTemplate.HudName What the vehicle will be called in the Hud.
ObjectTemplate.VehicleIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.VehicleIconPos Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.HasTurretIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.ShowCrossHair If unchecked, there will be no crosshair.
ObjectTemplate.IsCoDriver Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.ShowInfo Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.EnablePostProcessingOnGuiIndex Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.SpottedMessage Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.MiniMapIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.AltMiniMapIcon Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.MiniMapIconSize Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.MiniMapIconLeaderSize Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.MaxClimbSpeed Hud graphics information.
ObjectTemplate.WarningType Decides what warning system to use.
ObjectTemplate.FirstWarningSound Name of soundfile.
ObjectTemplate.SeconWarningSound Name of soundfile.
ObjectTemplate.WarningIcon Name of icon.
ObjectTemplate.WreckHitPoints No of hitpoints the wreck has. May not exceed MaxHitPoints.
ObjectTemplate.HitPoints Number of hitpoints the object has on spawn. May not exceed MaxHitPoints.
ObjectTemplate.MaxHitPoints Maximum number of hitpoints the object can have.
ObjectTemplate.AttackDamage Normally set to 1.
ObjectTemplate.AngleMod Normally set to 0.
ObjectTemplate.SpeedMod Normally set to 0.05
ObjectTemplate.DamageFromWater Normally unchecked.
ObjectTemplate.DefaultMaterial Material type object uses to recieve explosion damage. 72 for "hard" objects, 71 for "soft".
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionRadius Radius in meters object will radiate damage when it explodes.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionDamage Max damage inflicted from explosion. Lessens over distance from center of explosion to radius maximum.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionMaterial What material the explosion radiates. Normally 70.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionForce The force on movable objects the explosion applies.
ObjectTemplate.ExplosionForceMod Normally 1
ObjectTemplate.WreckExplosionRadius Radius in meters object will radiate damage when it explodes.
ObjectTemplate.WreckExplosionDamage Max damage inflicted from explosion. Lessens over distance from center of explosion to radius maximum.
ObjectTemplate.WreckExplosionMaterial What material the explosion radiates. Normally 70.
ObjectTemplate.WreckExplosionForce The force on movable objects the explosion applies.
ObjectTemplate.WreckExplosionForceMax [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.WreckExplosionForceMod Normally 1
ObjectTemplate.HpLostWhileCriticalDamage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.HpLostWhileUpSideDown [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.HpLostWhileDamageFromWater [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.HpLostWhileDamageDeepWater [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.CanBeRepairedAndDestroyed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.WaterDamageDelay [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.CriticalDamage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DeepWaterLevel [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.TimeToStayAsDestroyed Time it takes to hit 0 wreck hp once object has become a wreck in seconds. Then the wreck too explodes.
ObjectTemplate.TimeToStayAfterDestroyed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.ResetArmorOnRemove [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AlignLastEffectToHitDirection [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.WreckDelay No of second before switch to wreck occurs after destroyed.
ObjectTemplate.RecoilSize How large the recoil is.
ObjectTemplate.RecoilSpeed How fast the barrel goes in.
ObjectTemplate.RecoilSpeedGB How fast the barrel comes back out.
ObjectTemplate.RecoilForce How much backwards force is applied to the vehicle.
ObjectTemplate.ExitOnCollision [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DisableOnExit [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DontAllowOnExit [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.IsParachute [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.CockpitSubGeom [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AllowDucking [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DisableInputWhileDucking [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.ListenerObstruction [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.GroundContactVolume [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DamageAndAmbientSoundLimit [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.CrewKitIndex [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.AutoUseAbility [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.MaintainCameraOnExit [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.NeverDrawAs1p [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.PortalPassingPosition [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.TreeCollisionDiameter [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.CenterOfCollisionOffset [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.FloaterMod [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.ModifiedByUser [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.DestroyableWindowsTemplate [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.follow.MaxYaw [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.follow.MaxYaw [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.follow.ChangeYaw [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.follow.ChangePitch [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.follow.MinDist [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.PcoId [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.PcoFlags [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.VehicleCategory [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.ArtPos [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.NameTagOffset [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.animatedUVTranslationSpeed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.dontAllowExit [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.damagedAmbientSoundLimit [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckHitPoints [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.attackDamage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.angleMod [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.speedMod [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.defaultMaterial [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionRadius [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionDamage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionMaterial [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForce [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForceMax [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForceMod [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionRadius [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionDamage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionMaterial [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionForce [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionForceMax [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckExplosionForceMod [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileCriticalDamage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileUpSideDown [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileInWater [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.hpLostWhileInDeepWater [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.waterDamageDelay [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.deepWaterDamageDelay [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.waterLevel [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.deepWaterLevel [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.canBeRepairedWhenWreck [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.criticalDamage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAsWreck [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.alignLastEffectToHitDirection [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckDelay [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.hideChildrenOnSpectacularDeath [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.destroyOnSpectacularDeath [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.canBeDestroyed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.showDamageAsDirt [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.armor.useMMOnDeath [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.guiIndex [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.hudName [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.vehicleIcon [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.AbilityIcon [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.vehicleIconPos [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.usePlayerIcon [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.useChildHud [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.standardHelpEnabled [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.hasTurretIcon [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.showCrossHair [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.isCoDriver [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.showInfo [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.enablePostProcessingOnGuiIndex [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.spottedMessage [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.miniMapIcon [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.miniMapIconSize [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.miniMapIconLeaderSize [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.maxClimbSpeed [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.vehicleType [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.typeIcon [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.useSelectionIcons [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.vehicleHud.useVehicleCommRose [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.warningHud.warningType [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.warningHud.firstWarningSound [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.warningHud.secondWarningSound [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.warningHud.warningIcon [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.helpStringKey [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.helpSoundKey [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.altHelpStringKey [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.altHelpSoundKey [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.closeToHelpStringKeyNeutral [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.closeToHelpSoundKeyNeutral [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.closeToHelpStringKeyFriendly [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.closeToHelpSoundKeyFriendly [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.closeToHelpStringKeyEnemy [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.closeToHelpSoundKeyEnemy [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.closeToDistance [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.lowArmorHelpStringKey [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.lowArmorHelpSoundKey [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.lowAmmoHelpStringKey [PLACEHOLDER]
ObjectTemplate.helpHud.lowAmmoHelpSoundKey [PLACEHOLDER]