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This is a collection of tutorials collected from years of modding Classic Battlefield games. If you anything is missing and your can contribute feel free.

Classic Battlefield Modding tutorials - BF2, BF2142, BF1942, BF Vietnam

BF42 and BFV Modding Tutorial Index


BF2 - BF2142 AI Tutorials

BF2 Wikia


Export A Soldier BY Beex

Exporting a weapon with Gmax by Jimiz

BF2 Road making by Jones (No Link)

BF2 EA Mod Tutorials Edit


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BF2 Editor Edit

These tutorials are provided with the BF2 Editor in the Help folder. Some appear to be incomplete. The tutorial, Create a Destroyable Object, has been translated from Swedish to English.

Weapons Edit

Hand Weapon Kits Edit

3d Modeling Edit

Note: 3dsMax 9 was the last version with Battlefield 2 plugin support. 3dsMax 9 has known graphic issues with Windows 10.

Texturing Edit

Mapping Edit

Lightmapping Edit

Maya Modeling Edit

Note: Maya 6 was the last version with Battlefield 2 plugin support built into the BF2 editor, which was only supported on Windows XP. All Maya tutorials were written for Maya 6. 3ds Max is much more popular and still works on Win 7/8.

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