Bf2 Tools Setup For 3ds Max

By mschoeldgen[Xww2],

edited by Dnamro

Problems with 3dsMax 9 and BF2 plugins:[edit | edit source]

3dxMax 9 was designed for XP and has graphic artifact issues with newer versions of Windows. Be sure to install all service packs.

For a discussion of different modeling tools and plugin links for other versions of 3dsMax look here:

Comparison of 3dmodeling tools for Battlefield Modding

A few export related problems suffer from a bad or missing setup of the tools, so here is some explanation. Make sure to have the tools installed , all you need to do is to get the .zip file with the latest tools and extract the folders from it into the \3DS Max folder on your hard drive.


  • You only need to copy the '_Max5' folder if you have Max 5
  • The '_BF2Help' folder is not strictly necessary, but contains some helpful documents when looking for the correct shadernames.
  • save your work often, especially if using a newer operating system, as it may crash or lock up occasionally.

In the example below the 3ds Max tools are extracted into the 3ds Max9 folder. It will add to the \scripts and \plugin folders.

3dsmax file structure.jpg

After launching 3DSMax, if the tools are installed correctly, you will see BF2 added to the toolbar as shown below:

Screenshot 2a.png

Next, run the BF2 Exporter and press 'Run Setup' in its window. A new window pops up , looking like this:


Image File: 3dsbf2D.jpg

Now fill in the values according to your setup. In this example, the BF2 game is installed in 'C:\Games\Battlefield 2\' and the mod for this example is exporting to is XWW2. Included, is the the 'rawdata' path , 'BF2' and using a testmod 'EFM' into the possible export paths in the lower dialog.

This is the most important step: Once the exporter finds one of these strings, it truncates the texture paths ( which are coded into the mesh) to a mod-relative path, meaning the object can run under any mod on any machine without hardcoded absolute paths.

Note that in this example, we are directly exporting into the testmod structure, for convience. Some people prefer to use the \rawdata path (which is located in your \bf2editor folder ) as described in the official tutorials.

License Issues[edit | edit source]

Sometimes the license will stop working.   If it was incorectly set up initially, it can be useful to delete the existing license info.     If you don't see Program data, select View from the tool bar and check hidden files.  I does not matter where 3ds max is installed.   The licenses are stoed in c:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Software Licenses as showng below.  Delete the .dat files and restart 3ds Max.  It will give a message that the license info could not be found and it will start the license wizard.

Software licenses.jpg
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