BF2 Editor Tips

These are a few quick tips that are useful for making the most of the BF2 editor

  • Hold down middle mouse button to 'look' around in the level. 
  • Use the 'W' 'A' 'S' and 'D' keys to move around the level, much like in the game. When used in conjunction with the middle mouse button you can 'fly' around the level to get to places you want to edit. 
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel forward will speed up your movement while scrolling it back will slow you down. (You will see the 'spd %' at the bottom of the editor for your current speed. 
  • You can change camera views in the "Camera" menu. Experiment with this, but the "Normal Mode" is the most useful. 
  • The 'Render' Menu allows you to turn things on and off in the map. For instance if you are placing objects on the ground, it is a good idea to turn on undergrowth and overgrowth to make sure you're not spawning something into a tree! 

Here are the main toolset that a user should be familiar:

Select tool. Does it exactly what is says: 



Move tool. Use this to select objects and move them in up/down, left/right, back/forward. 



Rotate tool. Rotates any object for its desired placement. 



Combat Area Tool - This tool defines the area of play. Select points around the map to form an outline and then connect back to the starting point. 



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