BF2 3dsMax Unit Setup
Unit and Grid setup in 3ds Max

If you get the units wrong, it’s easy enough to scale up or down by a multiple of 10 later. The important thing is to do everything the same way, so that all objects are correct in relation to each other.

3dsMax Battlefield 2 Scale Setup

Before continuing with this tutorial you should have installed the 3dsmax tools found with the Editor package "BF2_Tools_3dsmax_1.0e.exe".  Bf2 uses a metric scale therefore we need to set up max so we can model/export your models to scale.

·         Open up 3dsmax.

·         Find the Customize tab from the top tool bar and browse down to Unit Setup.

Max unit setup.png

This will open a dialog box labeled Unit Setup.

·         Change the Display Unit Scale from Generic Units to Metric

Max unit scale.png

·         Now select the top upper most button labeled System Unit Setup.

·         In this dialog box, change to as follows: 1 unit = 0.100 .

·         From the drop down, change it to meters.

Max unit meters.png

That's it.  3ds Max is now setup to model in Bf2 scale. No need to worry about the other values -- just leave them as is.

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