3dsmax Navmesh Import

Edited by Dnamro

These are the import settings as shown in these pics for 3dsmax7 supplied by [Clivewil].   3dsMax9 will be very similar.


To start, open 3ds Max and once loaded, go to File>Import. Navigate to your map's output folder. The import directory can be configured so you don't have to browse through half your HDD to get to your files.  


3dsmax import select.png

Don't forget to select the file type to be .obj, otherwise you won't see your files. 

When you open the file, 3ds max will ask your for import settings.    Set them according to the settings below.  

Important - Materials Library's string needs to be typed in as 'materials.mtl

Note:  The navmesh will appear as mirrored from the ground layout as in the BF2Editor.   This is because most 3d modeling systems use a different coordinate system.

3dsMax importlg.jpg

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